The SME Green Skills HUB Virtual Campus and the Assessment App are currently being tested and evaluated in the pilot phase implemented in 4 countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal and Turkey. Both tools are already available in all languages of the consortium.

Vocational Education and Training teachers, trainers, consultants and mentors (target users of this project) are testing these project products in order to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their work with staff from SMEs (target beneficiaries). 

The SME Green Skills HUB partners will collect feedback from both groups involved (target users and target beneficiaries) during the piloting, in order to evaluate the products and their usefulness and relevance in relation to the project objective: support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises through Vocational Education and Training.

The feedback gathered will serve as a basis to improve the project results and finalize the fourth project result: the Guidelines to promote transparency and recognition of skills to implement SDGs in SMEs.