SME Green Skills HUB results and achievements have a high degree of transferability and applicability to other projects, target groups and sectors, given the transversal and universal character of the Sustainable Development Goals topics and issues. The project results and training materials could be easily adapted to many fields of application across a wide range of sectors.

The following suggested strategies and actions shall help interested stakeholders to take advantage of the project results and achievements of SME Green Skills HUB for other sectors or new projects.

  • Contact with local strategic stakeholders and other learning and business entities different from SMEs and VET providers, to inspire e continuous implementation of the SDGs and to provide additional learning resources.
  • Share the project results into European online platforms, databases and libraries intended for VET providers, to provide additional learning resources that can be adapted to all sectors.
  • Apply the learning methodology from the project in other European Union or national projects in which the target group are start-uppers, SMEs and entrepreneurs.
  • Use the project results in your training offer or relevant services to provide additional value to your target groups and local partners to attract new clients and learners from different sectors with similar needs.
  • Address specific organizations providing training services for SMEs, such as Chambers of Commerce, to improve their business sustainability.
  • Analyze the impact on the SDGs of future projects by taking advantage of the learning acquired with the project training materials.
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships between SMEs and VET providers to promote work-based learning programmes to apply the knowledge acquired in different practical workplace situations.