Now well into the final phase of the project, the partners of this Erasmus+ project have met in the Italian city of Florence to evaluate the progress of the activities and to participate in a training capacity session to train partners on how to use the Mobile Assessment App (IO.3), how to carry out the Recognition of prior learning and non-formal and informal learning (IO.4) and how to implement the Vocational Open Online Courses (VOOC) included in the Virtual CAMPUS (IO.2).

The main objective of this training session was to guide partners on how to carry out and implement the courses already available on the project’s Virtual Campus with end-users: VET teachers, trainers and mentors that work with SMEs that want to implement sustainable practices and the SDGs.

During this third face-to-face meeting the consortium has assessed the progress of the second year of the project. This review has focused on the state of development of the Guidelines to promote transparency and recognition of skills to implement SDGs in SMEs (IO.4), including the European policies analysis report and the methodology and assessment tools for the pilot phase.

Ten staff members of the project partner organisations have participated in this training activity.