The SME Green Skills HUB results have been tested and evaluated by target users and beneficiaries of the project during the pilot phase carried out in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Turkey. 

27 Vocational Education and Training teachers, trainers, consultants and mentors (target users of the project) have been involved in the piloting process: 5 from Turkey, Spain and Portugal and 12 from Italy. Besides, more than 100 SME staff from these countries (target beneficiaries of the project) have also been involved.

VET teachers, trainers, consultants and mentors tested their level of proficiency with the competences Assessment App and were upskilled with help of the Virtual Campus. Furthermore, they applied the knowledge and skills acquired in their daily work with staff from SMEs.

These are the main highlights of the pilot phase:

  • Engagement of significant entities: VET centers, SMEs, clusters and representative organizations from diverse sectors.
  • Interest of participants in the SDGs and to further engage with advanced sustainability mechanisms.
  • Multiplier effect by involving professional networks within their respective industries.
  • Positive feedback about project products, training and support provided and their impact on VET students and SME employees.
  • Comprehensive and well-prepared Learning Outcomes.
  • Need to incorporate training on SDG implementation into the curriculum.
  • Need to increase collaboration and improve communication between SMEs and VET.
  • Relevance of the use of digital tools in education and training.