The partners’ work on the second output of the project, the SME Green Skills HUB Virtual Campus, is progressing on schedule and two of the three pillars of the Campus are already completed.

Firstly, the Online Instructional Guide on Digital Competencies for Virtual Learning has already been developed by the partners in all languages of the consortium. This document has been designed to improve the digital skills of VET teachers, trainers, and mentors and to facilitate their interaction with Virtual learning environments. It has been designed as a simple and easy-to-apply guide for anyone who has no prior knowledge on how to create and deliver an e-Learning course.

Secondly, the theoretical pillar of the campus, are the SME Green Skills HUB Training Modules. These have been designed as a pedagogical tool aimed at education providers to facilitate the development of training activities on the implementation of the SDGs in SMEs, addressed to VET teachers, trainers, and mentors. These modules will help to upskill these professionals to support SME staff on implementing the SDGs in their enterprises. The Training Modules provide a structured set of innovative training contents and practical activities developed on the basis of the European Framework of Competences to implement the SDGs in SMEs, first project result of SME Green Skills HUB. The modules consist of 6 learning units and specify the objectives of each unit as well as a proposed content for each of them.

The technical implementation part of the campus is underway and the platform will be launched in October 2022.