The six organisations that are part of the consortium of this Erasmus+ project have held their third meeting in Valladolid, Spain, at the offices of INFODEF, the coordinating partner of SME Green Skills HUB.

During the one-day session, the partners from Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey have reviewed the development status of the training modules that will be part of the Virtual Campus’ content as well as the technical progress and implementation status of the Vocational Open Online Courses (VOOC). The campus consists of three parts, the first of which is an Online Instructional Guide on Digital Competencies for Virtual Learning which is already finalised in English and in the languages of the consortium and will be made available to users and final beneficiaries through the virtual campus soon. The second component of the virtual campus are the Training Modules which are also already finalised by all partners as a structured set of innovative training contents and practical activities on the implementation of the SDGs in SMEs through VET, developed on the basis of the European Framework of Competences. The third component of the campus is the VOOC itself which will be implemented and launched in September 2022 and piloted with end-users in all countries of the consortium.

Innoquality Systems, Ireland, has unveiled the Action Planning and methodology for the development of the SME Green Skills HUB Mobile Assessment App which is the third expected result of the project. The Governorship of Istanbul has presented the Action Planning and methodology for the development of the Guidelines to promote transparency and recognition of skills to implement SDGs in SMEs, the last and fourth expected project result.

The project, which has a duration of 3 years, has already achieved some of its most important objectives in terms of developing content and defining the curriculum that will enable adult educators and in-company trainers working directly with SME staff to acquire the knowledge on how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in these small and medium-sized enterprises. The last phase of the project will focus on the technical implementation of the virtual campus and the mobile assessment app and the piloting of these tools and their training contents with users and final beneficiaries.